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What is an MPG Calculator?

An MPG Calculator, or "Miles Per Gallon" Calculator, is an essential tool for any driver or car enthusiast. This calculator is designed to determine the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. It calculates the total distance a vehicle can travel per unit of fuel consumed, thus providing a clear picture of the vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Units used in the MPG Calculator

The MPG Calculator calculates fuel efficiency in various units to cater to different regional standards and preferences. Here are the main units used:


MPG stands for "Miles Per Gallon". It's a standard unit of measurement in the United States for fuel economy, indicating how many miles a vehicle can travel per gallon of fuel.


L/100km stands for "Liters per 100 Kilometers". This is a metric unit that is commonly used in Europe and other parts of the world. It indicates how many liters of fuel are needed to travel 100 kilometers.


KPL stands for "Kilometers Per Liter". This is another metric unit that's common in many countries. It represents how many kilometers a vehicle can travel on one liter of fuel.

Imperial MPG

Imperial MPG is a measurement used in the United Kingdom and other countries that use Imperial measurements. It's similar to MPG but uses the Imperial gallon, which is larger than the US gallon.


US MPG is a unit that specifically refers to the US gallon. It's used to distinguish from the Imperial gallon used in countries like the UK.

Imperial L/100km

Imperial L/100km is a unit that measures the number of liters needed to travel 100 kilometers, but uses the Imperial gallon in its calculations.

US L/100mi

US L/100mi is similar to L/100km, but uses miles instead of kilometers and US gallons instead of liters.

Depending on where you are in the world and what units you're familiar with, you can use the MPG Calculator to understand your vehicle's fuel efficiency in the terms that make the most sense to you.

Mathematical Formulas Used in MPG Calculator

MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

Formula: MPG = distance / fuel

L/100km (Liters per 100 Kilometers)

Formula: L/100km = 235.21 / MPG

KPL (Kilometers Per Liter)

Formula: KPL = (distance * 1.60934) / fuel

Imperial MPG

Formula: Imperial MPG = (distance * 0.621371) / (fuel * 0.832674)


Formula: US MPG = MPG * 1.20095

Imperial L/100km

Formula: Imperial L/100km = 282.48 / MPG

US L/100mi

Formula: US L/100mi = 235.21 / US MPG

MPG Calculator Excel

Step 1: Create Your Excel Spreadsheet

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet. You should have separate columns for distance traveled, fuel consumed, and various measures of fuel efficiency.

Step 2: Input Your Data

Enter your distances in the first column (Column A), and fuel consumption in the second column (Column B).

Step 3: Calculate MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

In the third column (Column C), input the formula: =A2/B2.

Step 4: Calculate L/100km (Liters per 100 Kilometers)

In the fourth column (Column D), input the formula: =235.21/C2.

Step 5: Calculate KPL (Kilometers Per Liter)

In the fifth column (Column E), input the formula: =(A2*1.60934)/B2.

Step 6: Calculate Imperial MPG

In the sixth column (Column F), input the formula: =(A2*0.621371)/(B2*0.832674).

Step 7: Calculate US MPG

In the seventh column (Column G), input the formula: =C2*1.20095.

Step 8: Calculate Imperial L/100km

In the eighth column (Column H), input the formula: =282.48/C2.

Step 9: Calculate US L/100mi

In the ninth column (Column I), input the formula: =235.21/G2.

Note: Make sure to adjust the cell references (A2 and B2 in the examples) to match your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the MPG Calculator?

To use the MPG Calculator, input the distance travelled in miles and the amount of fuel used in gallons. Once you've entered this data, click on 'Calculate'. The application will then calculate the fuel efficiency for you in various units including MPG, L/100km, KPL, Imperial MPG, US MPG, Imperial L/100km, and US L/100mi.

2. What units does the MPG Calculator use?

The MPG Calculator uses miles for distance and gallons for fuel consumption. The results are provided in various units including MPG (Miles Per Gallon), L/100km (Liters per 100 Kilometers), KPL (Kilometers Per Liter), Imperial MPG, US MPG, Imperial L/100km, and US L/100mi.

3. How does the MPG Calculator calculate fuel efficiency?

The MPG Calculator calculates fuel efficiency by dividing the distance travelled by the amount of fuel consumed. Different units of fuel efficiency (MPG, L/100km, KPL, etc.) are calculated using specific conversion factors.

4. How can I calculate fuel efficiency in Excel?

You can calculate fuel efficiency in Excel by dividing the distance travelled by the amount of fuel consumed. Different units of fuel efficiency (MPG, L/100km, KPL, etc.) can be calculated using specific formulas and conversion factors.

5. What does L/100km mean in the MPG Calculator?

L/100km stands for Liters per 100 Kilometers and it's a common metric unit for fuel efficiency. It tells you how many liters of fuel your vehicle would consume to travel 100 kilometers. Lower values indicate better fuel efficiency.