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What is Running Record Calculator?

Running Record Calculator is a free online tool used to assess and improve children's reading skills. It is designed to support educators in conducting Running Record assessments, a valuable method for evaluating how accurately, fluently, and comprehensively a child reads a text.

The primary purpose of the Running Record Calculator is to provide teachers with an efficient and systematic way to understand children's reading levels. By analyzing essential reading components such as reading speed, comprehension, and word recognition, Running Record helps identify students' learning needs and enables personalized education plans.


  • Educators can better understand children's reading skills and identify their learning needs to create personalized education plans.
  • It offers a scientific and objective method to observe students' reading speed, fluency, and comprehension levels.
  • Running Record assists in tracking students' reading development and provides feedback on the effectiveness of reading strategies.
  • Educators can use Running Record results to guide appropriate book selections and reading materials for students.

Utilizing the Running Record Calculator is essential for educators to monitor student progress and enhance reading processes effectively. This online tool is a convenient and reliable resource for conducting Running Record assessments and guiding students toward improved reading proficiency.

How to calculate error rate on running record

To calculate the error rate on a Running Record, you need to consider the number of incorrect words read by the reader during the assessment. The error rate is usually expressed as a percentage and provides valuable insights into the reader's accuracy and reading proficiency.

The formula for calculating the error rate is as follows:

Error Rate = (Number of Incorrect Words / Total Words Read) * 100

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to calculate the error rate on a Running Record:

  1. Conduct the Running Record Assessment: Administer the Running Record assessment to the reader while they read a specific text or passage.
  2. Count the Incorrect Words: As the reader reads the passage, make note of any words they read incorrectly or mispronounced.
  3. Calculate the Total Words Read: Count the total number of words the reader read in the passage, including both correct and incorrect words.
  4. Apply the Formula: Use the formula mentioned above to calculate the error rate.
  5. Convert to Percentage: Multiply the result by 100 to express the error rate as a percentage.

For example, let's say the reader read a passage containing 150 words, and they made 6 incorrect word readings:

Error Rate = (6 / 150) * 100 = 4%

In this case, the error rate of the Running Record is 4%, indicating that the reader made errors in 4% of the words they read during the assessment.

By calculating the error rate, you can identify the reader's level of accuracy and pinpoint areas that may require additional support or intervention to improve their reading skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the Running Record Calculator?

A: The Running Record Calculator is used to assess and improve children's reading skills, providing educators with valuable insights for personalized teaching strategies.

Q: How does the Running Record Calculator help educators?

A: The tool enables educators to understand reading levels, monitor progress, and identify learning needs, leading to effective reading development and strategy adjustments.

Q: Is the Running Record Calculator free to use?

A: Yes, the Running Record Calculator is a free online tool available for educators to support their assessments and enhance students' reading skills.

Q: Can the Running Record Calculator be used for all age groups?

A: Yes, the calculator is suitable for various age groups, from early readers to advanced learners, helping educators tailor instruction accordingly.

Q: Does the Running Record Calculator provide feedback on reading progress?

A: Absolutely! The calculator offers objective feedback on reading speed, fluency, and comprehension, allowing educators to track students' progress effectively.