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The formula to calculate the area of a rectangle is:

Area = Length x Width

In this formula:

  • "Area" represents the total surface area of the rectangle.
  • "Length" is the length of one of the rectangle's sides (typically the longer side).
  • "Width" is the width of the rectangle, which is the length of the other side (typically the shorter side).

Simply multiply the length and width together to find the area of the rectangle in square units (e.g., square meters, square inches, etc.).

Rectangle Questions and Solutions

Question 1:
Rectangle A has a length of 10 units and a width of 5 units. Calculate its area.

Solution 1:
To find the area of Rectangle A, we can use the formula:
Area = Length x Width
Area = 10 units x 5 units
Area = 50 square units

Question 2:
Rectangle B has a length of 8 inches and a width of 4 inches. What is its perimeter?

Solution 2:
To find the perimeter of Rectangle B, we can use the formula:
Perimeter = 2 x (Length + Width)
Perimeter = 2 x (8 inches + 4 inches)
Perimeter = 2 x 12 inches
Perimeter = 24 inches

Question 3:
Rectangle C has a length of 15 meters and a width of 6 meters. Find its diagonal length.

Solution 3:
To find the diagonal length of Rectangle C, we can use the Pythagorean theorem since the diagonal forms a right triangle with the length and width:
Diagonal^2 = Length^2 + Width^2
Diagonal^2 = (15 meters)^2 + (6 meters)^2
Diagonal^2 = 225 square meters + 36 square meters
Diagonal^2 = 261 square meters
Diagonal = √261 meters (approximately 16.12 meters)